Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Fond Adieu... For now

Hello internets,

I apologize for the delay in posts, but I recently acquired a large time suck, no not a girlfriend, but a job.

Cue applause.

My official job title is Harvester Operator. I work for a company called National Frozen Foods, based in Seattle, but with a plant in Albany, OR. Essentially what I do is:

1. Get to the field shop at 6:00 am (Yes, that does say A.M.)

2. Drive in a shady white rape van to the fields.

3. Drive our harvesters (pickers) back and forth at 0.7 miles per hour until tub is full

4. Empty tubs into trucks

5. When field is completed harvesting, clean and move pickers to the next field.

5 a. Try not to hit cars while driving in downtown Salem.... Fail
(EDIT: The pickers can go up to 20 mph on open road)

6. Drive back when night crew arrives. (around 7 pm)

7. Repeat steps 1-7

Soo..... basically I will be working 13 hours every day. Plus sleeping about 7. Plus food and travel at about 2 hours... which leaves me about 2 hours per day to do anything (8-10 pm).

Ergo, most likely these blog posts will be infrequent and unexciting (there is not much exciting about driving pickers... trust me). And any time I do have will be quickly filled with activities.

So, friends, I bid you a fond summer. May your skin not burn and peel like onions (or bananas... that would be weird). I hope to talk to you all soon. If I don't. I apologize. I would love this job to be 10 hours per day but the truth of the matter is... I need the money, my return to Gonzaga depends on it. I know it may be hard (or not at all), but I truly do not want to blow you off, it just might happen...

Until later, I bid you a fond adieu.



  1. I WANT THAT VAN. (If I ever learn how to drive.)

  2. Well, you did acquire a girlfriend, but the job is definitely a bigger time suck... :) / :(